The Chapters

The Chapters

The Board of Directors decided that Dr. Charles Cole, who speared headed the founding of Delta Kappa, be afforded the honor of establishing the first chapter on his campus at The University of Louisiana at Monroe. On December 4, 1998, the Alpha Chapter received their Charter and the recognition as the first Delta Kappa Chapter.
In 2005, during the 2005 conference of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Friends University joined the organization by installing two chapters (the Beta Chapter in their Wichita location and the Gamma Chapter in their Kansas City location).  This historic move represented the first expansion of the new organization.

As of February 2023, there are 27 active chapters and 5 inactive chapters. 

The University of Louisiana at Monroe (Alpha Chapter) 

  •    Established 1998 

Friends University - Wichita  (Beta Chapter) 

  •    Established 2005

Friends University - Kansas City (Gamma Chapter)

  •    Established 2005

Converse College  (Delta Chapter)

  •    Established 2009

Pfeiffer University - Charlotte (Epsilon Chapter) 

  •    Established 2010

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Zeta Chapter)

  •    Established 2011

Forest Institute (Eta Chapter) 

  •    Established 2012 (Inactive)

Pfeiffer University - Raleigh (Theta Chapter) 

  •   Established 2013 (Inactive)

National University (formerly Northcentral University) (Iota Chapter) 

  •    Established 2013 

Regis University (Kappa Chapter) 

  •    Established 2014

The University of Akron (Lambda Chapter)

  •    Established 2014 (Inactive)

 St. Mary's University (Mu Chapter)

  •    Established 2014 (Inactive)

Abilene Christian University (Nu Chapter)

  •    Established 2015

Indiana Wesleyan University (Xi Chapter)

  •    Established 2015

Nova Southeastern University (Omicron Chapter)

  •    Established 2015

Capella University (Pi Chapter)

  •    Established 2016

Hope International University (Rho Chapter)

  •    Established 2016

Our Lady of the Lake University (Sigma Chapter)

  •    Established 2016

Christian Theological Seminary (Tau Chapter)

  •    Established 2016

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Upsilon Chapter)

  •    Established 2017

Chapman University (Phi Chapter)

  •    Established April 2017

Central Connecticut State University (Chi Chapter)

  •    Established May 2017

Lee University (Psi Chapter)

  •    Established April 2017
Purdue University Northwest (Omega Chapter)
  •    Established April 2018 
Lipscomb University (Alpha Alpha Chapter)
  •    Established May 2018 
Adler University (Alpha Beta Chapter)
  •    Established May 2018
Abilene Christian University ~ Online (Alpha Gamma Chapter)
  •    Established April 2022
Campbellsville University (Alpha Delta Chapter)
  •    Established October 2019
University of Houston Clear Lake  (Alpha Epsilon Chapter)
  •    Established October 2020 (Inactive)
Antioch University - Seattle (Alpha Zeta Chapter)
  •    Established January 2021
University of Colorado Denver (Alpha Eta Chapter)
  •    Established December 2022
Texas Wesleyan University (Alpha Theta Chapter)
  •    Established February 2023